Mittwoch, 8. Juni 2016

Henri Matisse, Landschaft, 1898

Henri Matisse, Paysage 1898

Paysage marks a point of radical departure within the artist’s œuvre. This stylistic evolution coincided with the artist’s retreat from Paris; he spent most of the year 1898 first in London, then in Corsica and finally the South of France. In London, Matisse followed the advice of Camille Pissarro and studied the work of J. M. W. Turner at the National Gallery. Turner’s bold handling of paint made a profound impression on Matisse's pictorial language. Not long after his return from London, Matisse travelled to Corsica and to the South of France where, inspired by the countryside around him, he took up the genre of landscape painting with renewed enthusiasm. Matisse was also heavily influenced by Paul Cézanne whom he greatly admired. Seeing Cézanne’s work helped Matisse to discover the core principles of colour and compositional structure.

aus Gandalf's Gallery

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