Dienstag, 17. Mai 2016

So gehts auch.

Kai Althoff (German, b. 1966), Untitled, 2010

1966-born Kai Althoff is a German artist, a multimedia painter, borrowing from moments of history, religious iconography, and counter-cultural movements. Althoff creates imaginary environments from a multitude of sources and media inspirations, from Germanic folk traditions to recent popular culture, from medieval and gothic religious imagery to early modern expressionism; Althoff’s characters inhabit imaginary worlds that serve as allegories for human experience and emotion. Not only does Althoff work from a past, contents and context wise, his image bank and painterly style are equally derived from early 20th century German Expressionism and are reconfigured within a contemporary style by introducing collaged technique into his creations; hils multimedia approach in full force. His work has been included in several books listing contemporary artists, such as Art Now, published by Taschen. Althoff is also a musician, releasing solo under monikers such as Fanal, Engelhardt/Seef/Davis Coop. or Ashley’s as well as in different groups. With Justus Köhncke he releases as Subtle Tease. Together with Christoph Rath, Stefan Mohr and Stephan Abry he co-founded the band Workshop.

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